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Clinical Research and Findings

The possibility of getting longer and thicker eyelashes

A clinical research and testing has been successfully conducted utilizing sigma scan software to measure the results of the Idol lash product. This research was done using 15 subjects of the age of 24 and 82 and it was discovered that there is a definitely change in the size of the eyelashes of all the subjects by about 25 percent. This is a very specific and incredible number given the fact that it is also been seen that there are no side effects to the product at all. You can see for yourself the different images and the changes that have taken place on those photos because of this product.

The research was done by applying Idol Lash 226EL (100 ppm peptide) everyday at night with an eyeliner brush at the roots of the lashes and this research was successfully conducted for a period of 2 weeks. It was found that the growth in the eyelashes was very visible even in such a short period of time, and at the same time it was also clear that the eyelashes became thicker and stronger as well.

Your search for the best is over!

Idol lashes have proven to be clinically tested and identified as a product that is giving you the best results for your eyelashes, giving you a very special and desirable look. It has also been proven not to have any side effects on your skin on your eyes, and even the most sensitive people are able to use this product with easy and good results.

Women that have used Idol lash are eager to acknowledge the benefits that they have got from this marvelous product and doctors are also advising those that are interested in longer lashes to try this item out as the safest one to use and the best cosmetic product to give you fast and rewarding results.

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