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What is Eyelash Tinting?

There are places you will need to go without makeup. Like going to the beach for example or swimming. This might make your mascara to run. But tinting your eyelashes will always ensure that you have the desired effect; no matter how many times you jump into the water or sweat in the case of a rigorous physical activity.

You can achieve any eyelash color you want depending on your hair color and skin. If you are allergic to eye makeup, then this is the solution for you. If you wear lenses, you can finally say goodbye to eyelash makeup. Your eyelashes are tinted to suit your color.
The main ingredient in tinting your lashes is vegetable dye. It is more natural than applying mascara to your eyelashes. Questions are being raised as to how safe tinting eyelashes really are.

The eye is a very delicate part of the body. Anything that you apply around it should be considered completely safe. Not everyone can undergo tinting. It is important to do a test two days before your appointment. Your therapist will basically do a patch test. Two days is enough time to tell if you are allergic or not. Your therapist will also evaluate to select the colors they will use on you.

After being sure that you have no allergies, you can go ahead with the tint. The procedure will last you fifteen minutes. So you can do it any time of the day without disrupting your schedule. You will sit in the salon chair and lay back. Cotton balls will be put on your closed eyes so the tint does not run into them. Vegetable dye will then be applied on your lashes, but a very small amount. You will need to wait for ten minutes for the results to be seen. Any excess dye will be washed off with water. A tint will typically last you between four to six weeks.

Unless the vegetable dye gets into your eyes, eyelash tinting is a painless procedure. When the dye gets into your eye, you will feel a slight sting. If you are sensitive to dye of any kind or color additives, tinting is not for you. Most likely you will also react to the dye.
Unlike most eyelash products, this is safer because it uses a natural product. The results will last up to six weeks and you do not have to keep going for a touch up in between.
You should try to avoid eyelash tinting at home. Unless of course if you are a professional at this. Eyelash tinting can be messy and cause the dye to run into your eyes. So it is not advisable to do it by yourself. To get lasting effects that look good, achieving it on your own can be hard.

Make an appointment at your salon and choose from black, blue, grey, blonde, shades of brown or any color that you feel will most bring out your beauty. Try it today.

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