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The Secret of Having Darker Eyelashes

The eyes are considered as the windows to our souls. Our eyes could express our true emotions and could amplify our inner beauty. Most men or women are attracted to tantalizing eyes. But what makes the eyes exudes beauty? Is it perhaps the color, the shape or the eyelashes? Having a dark eyelash is the key factor to have the eyes that exudes beauty. The eyelashes lit up the face and can give an alluring smile that can be seen through the eyes.

TIP: it is best to curl the eyelashes prior to mascara application

You could obtain darker eyelashes with several tools and through various techniques. But the most common trend or technique is by the use of mascara. Mascara will do wonders to your eyelashes. Just imagine what this simple make up tool can do to liven up your eyes and make you more attractive. Follow these simple steps in using the mascara:

  • Wear a dark colored mascara that also has lengthening effects
  • choose a dark colored mascara that will compliment your hair color and skin color
  • clean your lashes thoroughly, make sure it is oil and make up free
  • apply the initial layer of mascara by swiping it over your lashes
  • now apply a second coat just before the first layer dries up
  • the second coating will add the desired thickness while giving a more depth of
  • dark shade and will help lengthens the eyelashes
  • use an eyelash comb just before the last application of mascara dries up this will remove any remaining clumps of mascara and detangle the eyelashes

Another sure way to darken your eyelashes is by having your lashes colored or tinted by a professional in a salon. Be guided by these:

  • choose a reputable salon that will offer this service in your locality
    TIP: use an eyelash conditioner to help strengthen your lashes while keeping it soft

  • set an appointment
  • choose the right color that best suits your skin tone as well as your hair color
  • schedule the next appointment since eyelashes grow just like any hair
  • ask your colorist on how to take care of your colored eyelashes

Whether you choose to use mascara which will be on a daily basis or have your eyelashes colored or tinted permanently you also have to consider the eyebrows. Be sure that the color you choose will match your eyebrow color as well as your hair. With those attractive eyes, who knows that someone will get tantalized by your dark eyelashes?

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