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Safe Treatments for Beautiful Eyelashes

In the field of medical sciences there are a lot of new discoveries that focus on the enhancement of beauty or what also known as aesthetics. One breakthrough in this field is the development of safer treatments that will improve the condition of the eyelashes. The desires of having healthy and beautiful eyelashes are a concern for both gender- women as well as men are now conscious about how they look. Appearance nowadays is considered a valuable asset whether for career or personal growth.

Eyelashes are getting more and more attention since it is an integral part of our eyes. Having treatments to improve this part is now being considered by many. Safety is also a major concern when it comes to having some form of treatment especially when the face is concern.

But what kinds of approved treatments are available in the market today?

  • There is now an available doctor’s prescribed for the growth of eyelashes. This treatment will also improve the appearance of new eyelashes as it grows longer. This treatment will last from 8 to 16 weeks to achieve the full effect. This will help increase the length as well as the numbers of individual eyelashes
  • Eyelash conditioner is also available but it is considered an item under cosmetics rather than drug. It promotes new eyelash growth while thickening the existing lashes
  • a new type of mascara was also developed to help accelerate new eyelash growth, this also contains some conditioning agents that helps in improving the eyelashes, this is the least expensive and most safe

The Downside of These Eyelash Treatments

  • a prescription treatment or drug for eyelash growth can have some potential danger or side effects such as dry eyes, darkening of the skin in contact, growing of hair in other area and eye irritations
  • while the over the counter nonprescription version of growth enhancer in a conditioner from is relatively safer with only a mild eye irritation as the known side effect
  • the growth enhancer mascara has very little or almost no known ill effects although it could cause a very mild irritation

When deciding for an eyelash treatment first you must consider how much or how intensive the treatment should be. Why not start with a les or noninvasive approach in improving your lashes. But when you opt to get the more intense treatment it is only wise to consult your doctor about it.

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