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Reasons for Eyelashes Falling Out

Eyelashes are very vital to your eyes health. Aside from helping protect your eyes from pollutants and irritants of your eyes, your eyelashes also help add beauty to your eyes. However, there are cases when you will be experiencing eyelashes that are falling off. This is a situation that needs to be stopped and avoided. Here are some ways that can help you be aware of reasons behind falling out eyelashes. You will also need to know on how to face such scenarios and maintain healthy eyelashes.

  1. Just like any other hair in the human body, the eyelash needs to replace itself after some time. But you need to be observant of regular falling out of eyelashes compared to gradual eyelashes falling out. Such a condition can be caused by infections or allergies in your eye or eyelid. This can also be caused by inflammations on the follicles of your eyelash.
  2. You can seek medical advice and assistance for daily or regular falling out of your eyelashes. This is a condition called Madarosis. Although there are a number of precipitating factors behind such a condition, there still are ways and regimens that can be used in order to treat it. All you need to do is seek medical help for this. You need to be aware of your health.
  3. Rubbing off of your make-up is never a good thing to do. This will just lead to falling out or removal of your eyelashes. It would be best to wash your eyes with soap and water. You can also make use of a cotton swab with some eye make-up removing solution. Gently wipe on your eyelids and areas around the eye to remove any residue or excess make-up. Leftover make-up can lead to irritation of your eyelids which will eventually lead to falling out of your eyelashes.
  4. Avoid excessive and regular eye make-up. The use of regular and excessive eye make-up is something that your eye, eyelids, eyelashes is not used to. Therefore, it will eventually lead to either allergic reactions or irritations. Make sure to keep usage of make-up to the minimum possible.
  5. If you are already experiencing itching or your eyelid area or inflammation and swelling, it would be best to seek medical attention as to what should be used or taken to treat such a condition. While you are experiencing such, make sure to avoid usage of any make-up or cosmetic products.

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