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Natural Eyelash Growth

Eyelashes are naturally meant to protect the eyes from dust and any foreign objects. However, they are largely viewed as features that enhance beauty. Long lashes also bring out the eyes’ beauty more clearly. Many women would wish for long eyelashes so they can curl or apply cosmetics. Most women encourage eyelash growth for this purpose.

Not everyone can grow long eyelashes easily. This is because lashes are determined by genes. If your parents have thin lashes, then it might take longer to grow your eyelashes. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy long lashes. There are many organic products and creams you can use to boost growth of your eyelashes.

Before you purchase anything to stimulate growth, you need to educate yourself first. There are many products that are being advertised as the solutions in terms of eyelash growth. None of them can offer a guarantee though. Some are even so expensive and yet you don’t know their results. You can find lotions and serums easily; but you need to know the pros and cons for each before you make a purchase.

Eyelash growth is not something to be discouraged. With all means do it, but exercise due caution before you try anything. In the market you will find lash growth serums. Serums work by conditioning the eyelashes. This makes thin and sparse eyelashes shiny and full. This kind of product will take up to six weeks for your lashes to grow. Please note that the eye area is quite sensitive, so ensure that the product is quality tested.

You should also remember that these products do not offer immediate solutions. You need to apply regularly for a number of weeks before you see results. Olive oil, petroleum jelly and vitamin e cream are products being used to strengthen and grow lashes. These are products that are used to moisturize the eyelashes. Moisturizing lashes makes them firm and shiny, therefore increasing their length.

Applying anything like creams on your eyelashes is best done at night. Your eyes will be closed and as such the creams will do their work. These creams will work better at night because they will not be interrupted. Be sure to use clean items when applying anything. Brushes, fingertips or cloths need to be germ free so you do not transfer germs into your eyes.

Lashes take long to grow to their natural length. To achieve a quarter of an inch, it can take up to a month. So you should also be patient. There will be times when growth will be stunted. For instance when you are sick, your body mechanisms will not be functioning properly. Eyelash growth will also be affected.

Despite popular belief, trimming your eyelashes will not make them grow faster. In fact trimming lashes can lead to them not growing back.

While trying all these solutions for your lashes, you should also consider healthy living. Eating the right diet that is full of nutrients will replenish your body. Exercising will also ensure that your body has proper circulation.

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