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Limitations of the Tinting Process for Eyelashes

Long and full lashes create can definitely attract one’s attention over to your eyes. Eye lash tinting is an easy way of achieving the same look that a mascara gives without having to apply mascara every day. Although eyelash tinting is a widely used method, it still has its limitation as to how many times can it be used for your eyelashes. It would be best to have thorough knowledge about this method before actually doing it.

  1. Reputation
    • You simply need to do a thorough search as to where to get your eyelash tinting services.
    • Make sure to ask friends or family about where they are getting their tinting services.
    • You can check the internet for reliable eyelash tinting services nearest to you. You will be able to read reviews and feedback from previous customers and know what they experienced and even how much they paid for it.
  2. Avoiding allergies
    • We cannot deny the fact that there are some individuals out there that do have allergies to some coloring dyes that they may come in contact with. Eyelash tinting makes use of coloring dyes made from iron oxide. It would be best for you to try out a patch test before having the exact procedure of eyelash tinting done. You will be able to rule out if you are fit to push through with such procedure or not.
    • Make sure to ask as well if there are any alternatives if ever you are allergic to the substance to be used for coloring. You can easily acquire professional advice from the salons or parlors that you will be getting your services from.
  3. Keeping your sight safe
    • Once you will be undergoing the tinting process, you will need to make sure that you are keeping your eyes as closed and tightly shut as possible. In most cases, there will be Vaseline or petroleum jelly applied to your sclera and upper eyelid to avoid unwanted tinting on other parts of your eye area.
    • If ever there are other areas that got tinted, have it wiped out right away with the use of a cotton swab.
  4. Get medical advice
    • For the best results and proper methods or course of action, it would be best to ask the experts or seek medical advice before pushing through with such a procedure. This will ensure safety and success of any procedure you undergo.

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