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Guide to Lash Makeup

There are different types of lash makeup-both liquid and solid. The liquid version comes in a small tube with a brush applicator.

Solid mascara comes in the form of a cake. Brush is used to apply it as well. Only in the case of the solid (cake) mascara you need a liquid (preferably water but saliva can be used) to moisten it.

Solid or liquid mascaras are used in different instances. It all depends upon the personal preference of the user.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One advantage of the cake mascara is that you can pick up more or less mascara as needed. In other words, the user is to control or vary the amount of product used on the brush.

This allows for the user to administer the product in the right tone. The disadvantage though is that they are a bit more cumbersome to use than the liquid.

The liquid ones are more convenient. They are easier applied on the road and do not get infected by using saliva to moisten it when no water is present. However, they can be somewhat messy especially if not waterproof.

Another disadvantage of the cake lash makeup is that the brushes used are typically flat brushes which are more easily clogged, although this can be prevented with regular cleaning. The round brushes of regular liquid lash makeup does not clog as easily-not unless the mascara tube is left open.

In the case of liquid mascara drying out, it would be hard to revive it and re-hydrate it. Thus, it may be more easily wasted when not sealed correctly. This is not as much of an issue when using the solid lash makeup.

Some Options

Mascara is offered in multiple colors, and there are waterproof and water-soluble versions. Gentle formulas are available for people with sensitive eyes.

There is even lash makeup that is made from organic ingredients. Organic versions come in different shades, generally ranging from brown to black.

Occasionally you may find them in other colors though. If you are concerned about irritation or other bad reaction, black seems to be the color with the least allergy risk amongst all the colors.

Dermatologists even think so. There are options that are available for people who where contact lenses as well. Just look for "hypo-allergenic" or "safe for use by contact lens wearers" and you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Some Tips

One tip to consider is that when you open your mascara do not pump your liquid mascara to get more mascara on your brush (if you choose the liquid option). Pumping your mascara brush pushes air into the mascara tube.

This can cause it to dry up. A better way would be to insert your mascara brush and scrape the sides of the tube with the brush. Then, you should apply it to your eye lashes.

As far as Lash makeup is concerned, you may also want to consider the type of brush you use. For instance, a flexible cosmetic mascara brush allows the applicator to be bent at an angle convenient for the user.

An angled lash makeup brush simplifies mascara application. It allows the user the right amount of control and convenience, and there is no need to bend it. The downside is that it may not be at the desired angle.

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