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How to Use Vaseline as an Eyelash Conditioner

Your eyelashes serve as the crowning glory of your eyes. This is why most women who are quite well informed about beauty and care tips would always apply conditioner to their hair and eyelashes as well. However, your eyelashes are much more delicate than your own hair. This is why you cannot just use any conditioning shampoo to apply to your eyelashes. However, with the use of Vaseline, you can already have a safe and reliable eyelash conditioner. All you need is to know how to properly apply it to your eyelashes in order for you to get the best eyelash conditioning results. The best thing about using Vaseline is that it also helps improve the fullness and length of your eyelashes. Here are the steps and tips in applying Vaseline to your eyelashes.

  1. To begin with, you will need to purchase a mascara applicator. For those who have old mascara applicators, you can simply rinse and clean them in order to make sure that there isn’t any leftover mascara residue from its previous use. Do not use a cotton swab to do this since it will not ensure thorough application of Vaseline to each eyelash that you have.
  2. Once you already have secured a mascara applicator or wand that you can use with the succeeding steps, you will need to purchase a small container of Vaseline. You may also opt to purchase a tube of Vaseline from your nearest beauty supplies store or pharmacy. You can make use of Vaseline used for lip therapy if you have some at home. You simply need to avoid using scented Vaseline for this.
  3. Now you are ready to apply Vaseline on to your eyelashes. Dip your mascara applicator or wand on to the Vaseline container. If you are using a tube, squeeze some of your Vaseline on to the wand.
  4. Gently apply the Vaseline on to your eyelashes using the same strokes you use when applying mascara on to your eyelashes.
  5. You can make use of your Vaseline daily and regularly to serve not only as an eyelash conditioner but an eyelash enhancer as well.
  6. You just need to make sure that you keep your eyelashes clean and dry before applying your Vaseline on to them.
  7. Make sure to use clean applicators as well for this method.
  8. Make sure to apply your Vaseline from root to tips.

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