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On Your Way to Beautiful Eyes thru Eyelash Training

Eyelashes are an integral part of our eyes. Aside for giving us the proper protection against the climate or foreign objects or shield us from the harmful rays of the sun the eyelashes are one key element in having such beautiful looks. One best physical attribute of a person is having attractive eyes. We stare at other’s eyes when we communicate and this is what makes it noticeable.

But do you know that you can train your eyelashes? Train it to be more attractive and compliment your gorgeous eyes. Training your eyelashes would solve your misery of an unruly curling or sticking out of eyelashes or simply your eyelashes have a mind of its own. Luckily there are ways to help your eyelashes conform to the way that it should be and that will definitely make you feel more beautiful and confident.

Train Your Lashes at Home

Ways of getting desirable eyelashes in the comforts of your own home you will need an eyelash curler and a blow-dryer

  1. turn the blow dryer on and set to high
  2. focus the heat to the portion of the eyelash curler that you will use on the upside
  3. in not more than ten seconds, turn the dryer off and check the heat of the curler just to make sure that you can handle this much heat and will not cause any pain, check by using your palm
  4. now curl your eyelashes but giving extra precaution not to hurt the delicate eye area, repeat this action as you are curling your way outwards and the towards the area near the nose
  5. apply a dark mascara as you would to give more define look
TIP: use a moisturizing agent such as petroleum jelly for softness

By doing this on a daily basis you are training your eyelashes will move upwards and have a graceful shape and with the help of a dark mascara you are setting and holding out the curls while giving a more provocative and attractive look for your eyes.

With the advances of science in the field of cosmetics and beauty there are available serums or creams that will enhance the texture and quality of your eyelashes. Permanent eyelash perm or curl is also available in your local beauty salon. Having a professional coloring of your eyelashes will save you more time and in the long run would be more economical and practical as well.

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