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How to Thicken Eyelashes

You can always apply a mascara to thicken your eye lashes but if you want naturally thicken eyelashes then you may require to follow some natural remedies as well as some tricks to make them look thick.

1. Apply Castor Oil before Going to Sleep
Castor oil is known to grow eyelashes strong and thick so before going to sleep, follow these steps:

  • Take a cotton dab.
  • Apply some castor oil to it.
  • Now apply the cotton dab to one of the eyelashes.
  • Reapply the castor oil to the cotton dab and reapply to the same lash so that the castor oil is applied equally to all the areas.
  • Similarly follow this step to the other eyelash.

Make sure you follow these steps each night in order to have strong thick eyelashes.

2. Apply Olive Oil
Like in the same above method of applying castor oil, apply oil olive for about 4 weeks continuously for better results.

3. Apply Vaseline
Vaseline has magical effects on the lashes so make sure you apply them carefully on your lashes and comb them with the eyelash brush before going to sleep. You will see some immediate results with it.

4. Use Eyelash Curlers
Though if you are going for some natural methods, then avoid using eyelash curlers for a while as harsh curlers can lead to eyelash breakage. However if you need to go to a party or somewhere important and you need to look really good then you may need eyelash curlers. Make sure you have some good branded curlers to avoid damage. Follow these steps to attain maximum thicken of the eyelash with the eyelash curler.

  • Make sure when you begin, your eyelashes are clean and dry.
  • Now curl the lashes with the help of eyelash curler
  • Apply thin layer of translucent powder to the eyelashes.
  • Then apply a lash fortifier to the eyelashes.
  • Apply mascara now to the top of the lashes.
  • Apply the mascara to the bottom from the roots.
  • Make sure you keep the curve of the lashes instead of just pulling the lashes straight.
  • Now leave the mascara on the tips of the lashes for few seconds to achieve maximum thicken and repeat this step until you get the thickness you want.

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