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How to Tell Eye Shape & Set

The eyes are perhaps the most mysterious organs in the body. You don’t have to command them to perceive and receive data from your surroundings. The moment you open your eyes, it starts picking up as much data as it could. They also need not have adequate lighting in order to perceive and register images into the brain. In a single blink, millions of data are already collected from the surroundings. But these are not the only wonders that our eyes bring us. For some people, they would like to know the shape and set of their eye. You may wonder why people would need to know the shape and set of their eyes. In fashion, being able to tell eye shape and set enables you to know the type and color of makeup to use as well as the best clothes to match the set of your eyes. It also helps you know which angles to position your face in order to emphasize the best capture of your face with respect to your eyes.

Here are some tips on how to tell your eye shape and set:

  • If you want to know the set of your eyes, make sure to be in an adequately lighted room. Make sure that the room does not have glaring or dim lights since this may affect your perception of the set of the eyes you are observing.
  • When wanting to your eye shape, you can make use of a vanity mirror with adequate lighting. Make sure that the mirror does not distort the shape of your reflection.
  • For some, it would be best to have someone look at your eyes and help you out with telling the shape and set of your eyes.
  • You may also visit an EENT so that you could be assisted in knowing the exact set of your eyes as well as its shape. They have the right equipment to decipher it for you.

You may also surf the internet for forums and check out more about how to tell the eye shape and set of your eyes. No matter what, keep in mind that your eye shape and set can be adjusted to your specifications with the help of eye makeup.

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