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How to Stop Over-Plucking Your Eyelashes

Your eyes need regular and reliable protection from pollution and substances that may enter anytime unexpectedly. This is the great task that our eyelashes are in charge of. Aside from the need to enhance and beautify one’s eyes, our eyelashes protect our eyes from the cosmetics and makeup that we use regularly. Yet there are times when you wish to pluck your eyelashes for further beauty purposes. This is okay. However, you need to make sure that you do not over-pluck your eyelashes as this will not only decrease the beauty of your eyes but also decrease the protective capacity of it as well. There are even scenarios where over-plucking of your eyelashes could lead medical conditions. This is why you need to be aware of your eyelash plucking habits and maintain the good health of your eyes and eyelashes. Here are some tips on how to do so.

  1. First of all, everything we do in our life depends or falls in a certain routine, unless these activities are new to you. So, with that said, you need to be aware and observant of your own eyelash plucking habits.
  2. Take note of when do you do your eyelash plucking.
  3. You can even take note of the reasons why you pluck your eyelashes. This will be your basis for being able to draw out the source of your eyelash plucking stimulus. This step can be a valuable move in order to achieve a solution if ever you have a tendency to over-pluck your eyelashes.
  4. Once you have drawn out a pattern or found out what leads you to plucking your eyelashes, stop it or avoid it from happening. You can use diversion to do this. Exchange or alter your usual patters based on the results of your previous observations. For example, if you notice that you pluck your eyelashes whenever you ran out of something to keep you busy, you can start finding a new hobby to keep your hands full.
  5. For those who over-pluck their eyelashes, they are found to find relief from some stressful events in their life such as work, school, or even daily chores. Therefore it would be best to find stress-relieving activities.
  6. For those who get the urgency to pluck their eyelashes upon seeing a pair of tweezers, simply eliminate or remove the means for plucking. You can do this by hiding your tweezers or putting it in a place that you cannot have access to.

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