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How to Make Your Eyelashes Not So Clumpy

Mascara dates back to historical times of even Cleopatra, when females would use flower types to dye lashes a deeper shade. Contemporary mascara is accessible in a wide range of colors, treatments and packaging; it may take some testing to find the mascara that is best for your needs. While mascara is useful for making eyelash look larger and wider, it can also cause sections between the eyelashes. Eliminating the sections is an essential phase in a more efficient cosmetics look.


  1. Make sure to choose mascara that is being sold for lengthening purposes. Such formulas have a lighter weight which will not put any burden on your eyelashes.
  2. Make sure that your wand or mascara brush has thin and short bristles. It would best to have these bristles that are packed closely to each other. This will ensure that all eyelashes get applied with your mascara. This also makes sure that each eyelash gets stroked and brushed rather than having a bulk of eyelashes falling into one section of your wand bristles.
  3. Before using your mascara, it would be best to warm the container first in order to make it more viscous. When mascara tubes have not been used and opened for quite some time, they intend to harden and become muddy.
  4. Once you have achieve a more viscous mascara solution, pump your brush into the tube several times to ensure that you are mixing thoroughly the mascara solution and getting the entire range of bristles soaked.
  5. Then make sure to remove any excess mascara from your wand by simply pushing the wand toward the sides of the mascara tube. It is the application of excess mascara that would also lead to clumping of your mascara.
  6. Now thoroughly apply the mascara on your eyelashes. Make sure to thoroughly do gentle strokes from the base of your eyelashes going to the tips. You can even do a wiggling motion in order to make sure that you separate each eyelash as you move on with each stroke.
  7. Check in the mirror if there are any clumped amounts of mascara. You can use a cotton swab or a wick of tissue paper to swipe off the clumped mascara.
  8. Allow each coat of mascara to dry before applying succeeding coats. This will avoid dripping or droplet formations of mascara which will eventually become dried up clumps.

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