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How to Make Feather Eye Lashes

If you are seeking for a new enhanced look, then feather eyelashes is the way to go. This trend has grown to capture many in the market who want to get an alluring look and it has worked for those who have tried it. If you need to know how to make feather eyelashes, then you have found the right material to read.


Customized feather eyelashes are available in plenty of stores all around the world. This majorly applies to cosmetic stores and pharmacy stores too. Online stores are also on the list of areas where you can get your feather eyelashes with ease. The prices range with the model of eyelashes you want. The design too determines the price of the eyelashes too.

Attaching instructions

After the purchase, the next step is to put on the lashes to give your eyes the feather eyelashes look that you need for beauty purposes, as they will enhance your looks. It is proper that you follow the instructions for inserting the eyelashes well to get the best look at the end. You need to

  • Cut a paper to a square that is 2 inches sized both sides. Put one corner of the paper on the inner corner of one eyelid with the eye closed. Let the paper run over the eyelid to get the measure of your eyelash line to the outer end.
  • Get matching feathers and cut them out to the size that you have for your eyelash look on the paper to fit the size that you should insert. The feathers will come with a side that has a longer edge and the best part for use is that with a thin shaft attaching the feathers.
  • Pull off some barbs off one side of the eyelash and do the same in equal measure to the barb of the other eye to ensure that they look equal. Then pull the eyelash and apply pressure on it to make it soften and curve for an easy fix on the eye and hold in place.
  • Use super hold spray on the lashes and brush them to give them both a good look.

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