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How to Lengthen Short with Any Mascara

Long, curly eyelashes are incredibly popular today, which can be frustrating to those who do not have the natural gifts to pull off this look. Fortunately, because so many people are seeking out ways to get long, luscious lashes it’s easy to find products that will help you mimic the red carpet ladies.

Prepare Lashes Properly

The key to using mascara to lengthen your lashes is to take the time to apply it the right way. You don’t want to apply a layer of caked on makeup that will make your lashes look sparse or gummy.

Start by curling your eyelashes with a quality eyelash curler. This will make sure there are no stragglers and all of your lashes are pulled to their full length. You might find that this step is enough to make your lashes look quite a bit longer. You may also want to comb out your lashes if they tend to get stuck on each other. The more spread out your eyelashes are, the more full they will appear.

Adding the Makeup

TipsAlways remove your mascara after a night out so it doesn’t dry out your lashes and cause damage.

Some mascara brands have ingredients that will add length to your lashes when it is applied, but any mascara will add to the length of your lashes if applied properly. The key is to get the right wand for the job. Look for a wand that is large and full that can keep your lashes separated when you apply the makeup. You also want a wand that has a small tip so you can get makeup on the small corner lashes without getting it all over your face.

If you want to stock up on mascara brands that will add length as well as volume, check out brands that offer tubing ingredients. These allow the makeup to build up on the ends of your lashes to give a longer, fuller look. You can also purchase brands that have ingredients that help lashes grow so you can lengthen your natural lashes while you mask them. These products take a bit of time to have an effect so don’t become too frustrated if you don’t see results right away.

Remember, many of the girls you see on the Red Carpet have false eyelashes on in addition to their makeup. If you have issues with hair growth you might want to skip throwing on a strip of false ones yourself since the glue can irritate your hair follicles. However, adding a few individual lashes to areas where your own hair is patchy can help make your lashes look longer and fuller without causing damage.

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