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How to Lengthen Short Stubby Eyelashes

Short lashes can be frustrating to deal with. If you find yourself piling on the makeup every day to get your lashes looking like they reach a normal length then it’s time to find a solution that will make your hair grow longer and fuller.

Grow from the Inside Out

The first step in growing your hair is making sure your body has the necessary ingredients to build hair strands. There are plenty of formulas on the market that you can dab on lashes to make them grow longer. Just read the instructions carefully before you take on one of these cures. Some include ingredients that can make your eyes turn brown if they are not already, a side effect some may not want to risk.

Hair supplements and vitamins intended to promote growth on the top of your head can also be used to improve your eyelashes. Any formula that includes niacin or biotin will help your lashes grow longer, and will probably make them fuller too. Check out the vitamin isle or head to your local health food store to find a hair vitamin complex that will suit your dietary needs. Many people also recommend taking prenatal vitamins if you are having trouble getting lashes or other hair to grow well.

Make Them Look Longer

TipMost superstars are wearing false lashes to get that long, cat eye look you crave. If you have a lot of trouble getting your lashes to look full, stock up on a few different sets of fake ones for special occasions.

You can always put on some mascara to play up the length of your lashes. The key is to apply it in long strokes, from the base up to get as much length out of your lashes as possible. If you notice your makeup caking use an eyelash comb to separate the individual hairs before the makeup dries. This will make your lashes look fuller, which can help mask the fact that they are not very long. Also make a point of applying a second coat of mascara once the first has dried to help add a bit of length all around your eye.

Avoid Losing Your Lashes

Short lashes are often falling out or breaking because they are dry and brittle. Look for mascaras that have conditioning ingredients to help keep lashes soft. Also avoid using harsh makeup removers that can strip the natural oil from your hair. Stock up on remover that is specifically intended for eye makeup to avoid causing damage. You can also invest in lash conditioner that will put some of this natural oil back after you have used chemicals to clean the hairs.

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