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How To Improve Eyelashes

Your eyelashes provide a synergistic effect to the beauty of your eyes. They give emphasis to the shape and set of your eyes. But your eyelashes are not all about beauty, fashion, and vanity. Your eyelashes also help safeguard your eyes from harmful particles in the environment that may accidentally enter and damage your eyes. This is why you also need to improve your eyelashes—not only its length, but also its vitality. You would not want to have your eyelashes accidentally pulled out or fall off because of lack of nutrition and proper treatment—leaving your eyes at the mercy of pollutants.

Here are some tips on how to improve eyelashes:

  • Cosmetics can enhance your beauty, conceal oddities of your face, as well as emphasize the best assets of your face just like your eyelashes. However, they can also harm your eyelashes. Make sure to wash your face and wipe out cosmetics or makeup before going to sleep. If you leave your makeup such as eye shadow and mascara on, you allow the chemicals in these products to settle longer and be absorbed by the skin. This will eventually take away the vitality of your eyelashes, making them weak and fall off.
  • Make sure to have a healthy diet. Fruit juices can help provide the best nutrients that your skin needs. You can make use of avocado, papaya, and lemon juice. When your skin is adequately provided with the nutrition that it needs, the hair growing on it will also be nurtured.
  • When your eyes are irritated from smoke and other pollution, avoid rubbing it rigorously. The rubbing motion will pull out some of your eyelashes. Instead, you can was your eyes with clean water. This will not only wash away the pollutants on your eyes, but this will also hydrate your eyelids. This also cools the eyes. But make sure to avoid washing your eyes after being sitting too long in front of the television, computer, or being too long on a hot day.
  • Regularly comb your eyelashes with an eyelash brush. This will take out any dust particles that may have been left on the base. Make sure to brush with gentle strokes, following the curve of your eyelashes.

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