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How to Hide Missing Eyelashes

Our eyes enhance and radiate our beauty to the people around us, this is why it is important to take care and make sure that we protect it. There is no other part around our eyes that gives the best protection and care for our eyes than our eyelashes. But do you know that our eyelashes do not only give safety and care to our eyes? Our eyelashes also provide enhancement to the beauty of our eyes. This is why we need to know how to properly use our eyeliners and mascara in order to get the best results in the kind of beauty enhancement and emphasis that we wish to achieve from our eyelashes. But what about if you are missing eyelashes and do not know what to do? This will become a whole different story. Here are some steps and tips on what to do in a situation like this.


  1. The first thing you will need to do is to have a variety of eyeliner colors to choose from. From all the options, choose dark colored eyeliner.
  2. In choosing the darkness of the eyeliner, make sure to match it with the color or tinge of your hair. This will enhance the natural look of whatever enhancements will be doing in the succeeding steps.
  3. However, if you have a fair complexion, it would be best for you to use a brown or gray color for your eyeliner. As a tip, if you are confused with what color to pick, simply go for black since it looks natural to all complexions and races.
  4. Dip your eyeliner brush on to the solution. Before directly applying it to your eyelashes, make sure to try it out first on the back of your hand. The back of your hand is as sensitive as our eyelids and has basically the same shade as that of our eyelids. This will give you a picture of how it would look once you have applied it on to your eyelids.
  5. For other good results, you may make use of boot liners or cake liners to give you different finishing touches for this enhancement.
  6. Make sure to add water to your mixture in order to ensure that you have a lightly concentrated mixture to apply. This will help lessen any allergic reaction possibilities.
  7. Apply while facing a mirror to be guided properly.
  8. For individual false eyelashes, simply squeeze enough amount of the bonding solution that came with the false lashes.
  9. Use a pair of tweezers to apply the individual lashes.
  10. Make sure to give it enough time for the bond to dry before moving around and frequently blinking.
  11. Make sure to fix the individual eyelashes on the skin and base of your natural eyelashes and not on to your eyelashes.

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