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How to Get Huge Eyelashes

Your eyes are the best ways of showing off your beauty. The best way of emphasizing your beauty is by gaining huge eyelashes. For some people, they use mascara in order to achieve this look on their eyelashes and make their eyes look fuller. However, using mascara is not the only secret behind this goal. Here are some tips and instructions in order to ensure getting the best results in getting huge eyelashes.


  1. Acquire petroleum jelly from your nearest grocery store or drug store.
  2. Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before proceeding with the following steps.
  3. Put a small amount of petroleum jelly on your finger. It would be best to use a cotton swab for this in order to allow thorough application and maneuvering upon applying petroleum jelly.
  4. Make sure to close the eye where you will be applying petroleum jelly.
  5. Apply the petroleum jelly that you placed on the cotton swab using the same stroke as putting on mascara.
  6. You may also make use of an old mascara brush in order to apply petroleum jelly. You just need to make sure that you clean the mascara brush first in order to remove any traces of mascara from mixing with the petroleum jelly.
  7. After applying, use another dry cotton swab or a small tissue paper to wipe away the excess petroleum jelly.
  8. Simply do the same steps with the other eye. It is best to have your eyes closed when doing the above mentioned steps in order to avoid the solution from entering your eyes. This will also help you apply petroleum jelly on both the upper and lower eyelashes at the same time.
  9. Now, get your eyelash curler and curl your eyelashes. This is done by squeezing each set of eyelashes in between the rubber of your eyelash curler. Make sure to squeeze for about 5 seconds to achieve the best results.
  10. Do the same step on the other eye.
  11. Now you can apply mascara on your eyelashes.
  12. Allow the first coat to dry for about one minute.
  13. Apply the second coat.
  14. Make sure to use down to upward strokes. Always start from the base of your eyelashes going to the tips.
  15. Make sure to apply your petroleum jelly at night before going to bed. Avoid touching it or rubbing it with your fingers especially upon waking up in the morning.

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