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How to Get Gorgeous Eyelashes

More and more women both young and old nowadays are conscious about their appearance. The looks or physical attributes are very important on how people present themselves. Be it for career or personal reasons looking and feeling good are essential to validate oneself and to have the confidence to face the world. That is why it is important to take some considerations in making our eyes more attractive for the very reason that it is the focal point of our face. Our eyes are essential when communicating face to face with anybody. And having a gorgeous eye is an asset that anyone would want to have. But what are the things that you could do in order to have gorgeous eyes that anyone would take notice?

TIP: use an eyelash curler to have a more define shape before applying

Actually anyone is capable in achieving fabulous gorgeous eyelashes. One common make up activity for women is wearing mascara. Having darker colored mascara will do wonders for your eyes. It will accentuate your eyes.

Pros and Cons of Using Mascara

The Pros:

  • it is inexpensive
  • you have the option to choose the color that you want according on your mood or style
  • it can be taken off with an eye makeup remover whenever you like
  • its handy and you could use it anytime you feel like

The Cons:

  • it’s a daily task and will take some time before perfecting the proper technique in applying it, there are steps to take that makes it time consuming
  • it could irritate the eyes especially for those you are wearing contact lenses or have sensitive eyes
  • there is a tendency that mascara will bleed and will wear off after some time that would require another application
  • some activities are not doable when wearing one
  • you have to always be aware that you are wearing mascara because you might forget that you cannot rub your eye when wearing one
  • it is not easy to completely take off and would require a special remover just for this and in the process of removing you will unintentionally rub and scratch the delicate areas around your eyes

With the advancement of science there are a lot of options that are easily available in the market today. One easy way of having gorgeous eyelashes is to simply tint or colored it which is done professionally and on a regular basis (like after some weeks) to achieve the desired look the practical way.

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