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How to Get All Mascara off Your Eyelashes

Most women love to wear mascara to give their eyelashes a pretty look. The Mascara gives them a dark lash look that gives them an impression of being long. The mascaras have the function to lengthen the lashes too though this has been unknown by many. Removing eye makeup especially the mascara is unknown to many but here are the directions needed to get rid of all the mascara when you do not need it in your eyes.

Making mascara easy to remove

To make the mascara easy to remove involves a few things. There is no need for the hustle that makes one use vigorous means to remove the mascara leading to damages on the surrounding skin and early sagging of the eye skin. It would be irritating to the eye too. To have an easy and gentle clean, you need to run a clean cloth under warm water then wring it. Make a good fold on the cloth and moist the lashes while your eyes are closed for about a minute. This loosens the wax and moistens the dried mascara on your lashes.

Removal using home products

Olive oil and Vaseline are good removers. Put either in a cotton pad, close your eye, then dab it on the eyelashes. Wipe with downward movement a couple of times to get rid of the mascara as you turn it around to avoid smearing it back. Finish off with a clean oil dabbed pad until you see no trace of mascara.

Removal using commercial removers

There are commercial removers in the market that are oil free and gentle. You need to saturate a cotton cloth with the remover, close the eye, and then use downward movement to wipe off the mascara. Repeat the process while turning the pad to avoid smearing the mascara back. For a final finish, use a clean pad and ensure there is no smear that remains on the pad.

Dos and don’ts on Mascara

  • Avoid waterproof mascara, as it is difficult to remove thus involving you scrubbing the eyelids. It will also dry your eyelashes.
  • Curl your eyelashes before mascara application as after application, it will pull out and break your eyelashes.

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