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How to Dye Eyelashes and Eyebrows

If you just dyed your hair and don't want eyebrows and eyelashes to give it away, you will need to dye them as well. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to use the same dye on your hair, and most likely will not want to use the same exact color. While dying your eyebrows and eyelashes is not complicated, you will still need to exercise some caution in order to avoid a number of problems.

Basic Method for Dying Eyebrows

Before applying eyebrow dye, you will need to coat the immediate are with petroleum jelly. While you should not allow any of the gel to get onto the hairs, it will still need to coat the skin around your eyelashes. Unfortunately, if you do not take adequate precautions at this stage, the dye may discolor your skin. Since you will be applying the dye with a pad applicator, you should make sure that you covered enough skin to with petroleum jelly to avoid problems.

After you apply eyebrow dye, you will need to leave it on until the color you are looking for appears. From there, you can start wiping the dye off with a cotton ball soaked with soap and water until the dye solution is removed. You will be well served by doing this a number of times instead of risking having the dye run onto your skin or into your eyes.

An Easy Way to Dye Eyelashes

Even though you do not have to use petroleum jelly before applying eyelash dye, you may still want to do so in order to be on the safe side. After you apply the dye mixed with a bit of mascara, you will need to leave it in place for a few minutes. During this process, you should not let the dye touch eyelash roots or the eyelids because it will create a stinging sensation. As with eyebrow dye, you will need to rinse the remaining dye off carefully with soap and water. You can use cotton balls in order to reduce eye irritation and burning as much as possible.

While you may not initially feel comfortable with dying eyebrows and lashes, it is a better option than using fake hair or pencil markings. At the very least, your own hair will always look more realistic. As an added bonus, if you want to make changes in your appearance from time to time, changing the color of your eyebrows and eyelashes will have an enormous impact at a minimal cost.

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