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How to Create a Dolly Eyelash

Dolly eyelashes are associated with Asian looking kind of eyes that resemble those of dolls. This needs the application of makeup on the eyes to make them look larger than they are and eventually leading to an enhanced look. The final eye looks to have long lashes that are curled.


  • Apply a primer to the eyelids to help the eye makeup to last longer on the eyes. Application is on the eyelids then you should wait for the application to dry up.
  • Apply a thin layer of cool tone dark eye shadow on the eyelid using a cosmetic brush to do so. The application should spread to the crease on your eyelids to give you a bigger doll eye style on the eyes.
  • Get a medium brown color of the eye shadow and apply on the eyelid starting from inside working out to the corner of the eye.
  • Use a dark color and do the same application over the dark brown color. This application should be on the outer corners of the eye. The use of a shimmered shadow would be better to make the application stand out.
  • Get a beige eye shadow and apply it to the eyelid area that is at the top of the crease. You need to ensure that on your application you get a smooth finished look. Let the beige shadow to extend to the eyebrow area of the eyes. Ensure that the color blends in well. Applying a shimmer on the brow line will enhance the look
  • Use a black liner to draw a line over the lashes. Since it is a liquid liner, wait for it to dry. You can alternatively use an eye pencil
  • The bottom of the eye needs application too for a final finish. You need the eye pencil to apply a thin line on the bottom lid below the lashes from the inner side of the eye.

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