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How to Care for Your Eye Lashes

The eyelashes are tiny hairs on your eyelids and they are delicate. They have a special role to protect your eyes thus; you need to take proper care of them. Without care, they will break and be pulled out leaving your eyes sparsely filled with lashes or with brittle lashes that are not pleasant. Here are tips on how to care for your eyes to maintain a good look

Dos and don'ts

Tip: Always keep your eyes clean and wear quality makeup

  • Always clean your face and pay attention to the eye area before going to bed
  • Do not sleep with your eye makeup on.
  • Use recommended cleaners and removers that will ensure a gentle clean
  • Use Vaseline to moisten the lashes
  • Avoid the use of soaps to clean the lashes
  • Avoid plucking or waxing the lashes area.

Eyeliner use

Always apply the eyeliner on the outer area of the eye, never do it on the inner part of the eyes to avoid irritation. The thin line of application will leave the lashes looking longer and beautiful. Application done on dark colors is easily noticeable and enhances the eyes.

Mascara use

Buy quality mascara and avoid the waterproof mascara as it dries the eyelashes. While applying, clean the brush with a tissue to avoid mascara clumping on the eyelashes. When you are applying two coats for a good finish, ensure that the first coat dries first before applying the second coat.

Fake eyelash use

Purchase good quality eyelashes from the market to avoid allergic reactions to the lashes and for a good look. Use baby oil or Vaseline to dissolve the eyelash addition wax during removal. You should ensure that you do not wear the fake lashes when they are not needed.

Eyelash curling

Tip: curling gives you larger and brighter looking eyes

Before the use of a curler, you should clean the eyelashes. For the best results in use, press the curler on the eyes firmly then let it stay for a while before releasing it. 5 seconds are sufficient for a good curl. Replacing the curler after 3 months if you use it often is a good move to allow you to avoid infections.

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