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How to Attach Sequins to Skin Using Eyelash Adhesive

Going to a disco or to a fun party? Or are you playing with sequins with your girls just for fun? Eyelash adhesive is one of the best choices to attach sequins to any part of your body especially if you have a sensitive skin. So read the following points to do this perfectly:

1. Choose the Body Part to Attach the Sequins

First choose the right body part where you want to attach the sequins. If you are choosing your back where it is difficult to reach then you require help of someone to attach the sequins. If you are going for a party make sure you get dressed so that your clothes may not remove the sequins later.

2. Cleanse the Area Properly

It is quite necessary to cleanse the area where you need to attach the sequins. Either wash it with soap and water or rub alcohol or cleanser to get rid of lotions or other oils. Make sure that your skin is dried properly before you proceed to next step.

3. Apply Glue to the Sequin or to the Body

Tip: Take an adult help while using adhesive.

Now carefully pick up one sequin with the help of tweezers and take any eyelash adhesive and carefully apply it to the back of the sequin. If you find glue hard to apply to sequin, then apply a little drop of glue to the body where you want to paste the sequin. If you still find it hard, take an adult help.

4. Apply it to the Body

If you are applying the glue to the sequin then after you have carefully applied the glue to the sequin, paste it to the requisite part of the body.

5. Create your Design

Now in a similar way create your own unique design with the help of the sequins or randomly apply the sequins to the body. Make sure you carefully apply each sequin without touching or moving the previous one.

6. Allow Some Time to Dry the Sequins

Do not touch or move the sequins immediately after pasting them. Give some time to the sequins to dry out completely so that they stick to the body.
So once all the sequins are pasted and dried out, you are ready to go to the party to have fun.

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