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How to Apply False Eyelashes

If you are among those who want perfect lashes that you can flaunt, learn the trick to applying false eyelashes. If you master the art of this then you can make a very good impression in both business and social worlds.


Most of the time false eyelashes are easy to apply. Furthermore, they are affordable price and no significant risks are usually involved. Furthermore, they are ideal for anyone who is “cursed” with sparsely-grown lashes.

They can help you make your eyes appear wider, and in general more open. You will invite people to look into them more as your face is likely to appear more friendly and inviting.

Some Application Tips

If you are just now learning how to apply false eyelashes, a variation of tips can be used. Usually the first step would be to wipe the eyelids with wet tissue or wet cotton then let them dry.

Be sure that there's no sweat or make up left on your eyes. This will make it easier for you to apply the lash glue when you are ready. When doing so, it is better to apply the fake lashes in an air-conditioned or otherwise temperature-controlled room.

Otherwise, doing so in too hot or humid of room can cause sweating, which can slow down the false eyelash application. Furthermore, in too hot of a temperature the base of the false eyelashes will not stay flat on the eyelids. This is true especially if there were some residual substances left on it.

While you are applying the glue and lashes, it would probably be helpful for you to look in a mirror. While doing so, you can place the edge of the eyelash on the edge of your eyelid.

Then slowly move it to the base of your natural eyelashes, right against your eye line or on the base of the eyelid. However, remember not to lift your fingers but rather to apply pressure for 30 seconds.

Suggestions for Users

It is highly recommended that you choose longer eyelashes for formal evening parties while shorter ones for business meetings and regular events. It also may be to your advantage to choose a color that matches the hair on your head.

Furthermore, the length of the false eyelashes may not be the length you want. In order to do this, the best way would be to hold the fake lash extension to your eyes lined up with your natural lashes. Then, trim to desired length.

About Eyelashes

One reason people want to learn how to apply false eyelashes is because of the social status attached to having long lashes in the first place. Longer lashes in general are often thought of as more attractive than shorter lashes.

More specifically, women appear more feminine and a man with slightly thicker or longer lashes may appear more confident. The right set of false eyelashes applied in the right way can also help a person in the business world, as long as they are of an appropriate and professional length.

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