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How to Apply Fake Eyebrows

As you may be aware, there are several different brands of fake eyebrows. No matter whether they have real human hair or a custom pre-set shape, you will still need to adjust them to the proper size. Once you complete this task, you will have to take two more steps in order to complete the application process.

Basic Eyebrow Application Methods

Unless you are using an eyebrow pencil, both eyebrow tattoos and hair based designs will come with an adhesive backing. Since the glue will cover existing eyebrow hairs, you may find it best to remove them for the sake of comfort. As an added bonus, when you use the fake eyebrows by themselves, you will reduce the chance of your eyebrows having clumpy patches, or places where the adhesive does not bond as well to the skin.

If you decided to purchase an eyebrow pencil, you may not need to remove existing eyebrow hairs. Instead, you can simply use the pencil to thicken existing hairs as well as draw in new ones. During this process, you should always keep your basic face shape in mind as well as the way eyebrow colors will impact eye appearance.

Customizing After Application

Once you apply fake eyebrows, you will need to make sure that the skin edges appear consistent. Needless to say, you can use eyeshadow to achieve this goal. Unfortunately, even though the adhesive backing for fake eyebrows tends to be very thin, a straight line may still appear if you look closely enough. In some cases, using two different tones of eyeshadow may make this harder to discern. That said, you should make sure that you will know how your eyebrows will look in different lighting conditions in order to remove as many traces as possible.

Each year, thousands of men and women lose eyebrow hair because of chemotherapy or other situations beyond their control. When hair transplants are not an option, making use of fake eyebrows can restore your looks for a minimal cost. When it comes to using fake eyebrows, you may be surprised to find that you need to take some extra time to apply them correctly. In most cases, if you think of fitting and application as a multi step process, you will have a much better chance of correcting problems, as well as enhancing your appearance as much as possible.

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