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How to Apply Castor Oil to Eyelashes

Having think eyelashes is caused by a number of reasons. There is a hereditary factor. Try to check with other members of your family or kin and look at their eyelashes. If you do not see any resemblance, you can check your diet. Poor dietary habits can lead to thin eyelashes also. You can check with a dietician or cosmetic expert as to having a proper dietary regimen that can improve your eyelash thickness.

Aside from the above mentioned action to take to improve your eyelashes, you may also opt to use castor oil. Here are the steps for you to follow in order to ensure proper application of castor oil on your eyelashes.


  1. First of all, purchase your very own castor oil from any pharmaceutical store. It would be best to avoid purchasing castor oil from your local grocery since most of the castor oil that is being sold in local grocery stores is for industrial usage. In order to be guided, make sure to look for a print on the label of your castor oil that states "cold pressed" or "cold processed.” This will signify that the castor oil that you are purchasing is natural and can be used for direct application.
  2. Try to find a mascara brush. You will need to make sure that the brush does not have any trace of mascara on it. You can make use of baby shampoo or any mild shampoo with a little water to wash out the mascara. Make sure not to use any detergents or strong soap when washing it since it can destroy the brush.
  3. In drying the brush, do not wipe it with a cloth. You can make use of a hair dryer.
  4. Before the application process of castor oil on your eyelashes, make sure to clean your eyes and eyelashes first. Always make sure to totally remove any eye make-up or false eyelashes before going to bed. This will give your natural eyelashes the much need natural air and time to recuperate from the chemicals that you exposed it to.
  5. Now, dip your mascara brush into your castor oil. Make sure to remove any excess castor oil from the brush to ensure that you are applying only the amount needed. You can tap the brush on the sides of the castor oil bottle to do this.
  6. Then apply the castor oil just as you apply your mascara. But this time, you need to make sure that you apply a thin coat only.
  7. Allow the castor oil to stay overnight in order to give it the chance to give its full effect. You can wash off the castor oil first thing in the morning.
  8. Avoid rubbing your eyes while there is still castor oil in your eyelashes.

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