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Secrets To Longer Eyelashes: How To Grow Thicker Longer Lashes

Ladies have been purchasing mascara and other products for years in an attempt to make their eyelashes look fuller and more luscious. Makeup companies are always striving to make better and more improved products. As the years have went by mascara has changed a lot. For those who were not given such attributes like long eyelashes, there are many products to use that can compensate for this sore oversight. There are more options than ever for women to make their eyelashes look more beautiful than ever before.

The Tools Of The Trade

Waterproof mascara was a blessing for women who tend to let a few good tears out every now and then, but do not want a black river running down their face. There are mascaras available that can help your lashes look even longer than you ever thought possible. Mixing a combination of a lengthening mascara and a dark full mascara can provide the perfect mascaras performance. One essential tool that every lady who longs for long lashes will need is an eye lash curler. An eye lash curler can make your lashes appear even longer than they actually are.

Get Some False Eyelashes For Instant Results

Another option that women have to make their eyelashes look longer is to apply false eyelashes. There are many different kinds of false eyelashes for the ladies to choose from. Pick something that looks natural or go with something completely wild. The choice and power is up to you. Simply apply the false eyelashes to your eyelid with a dab of glue after turning your eyelid up a bit. A makeup remover that is mineral based can help you remove false eyelashes quickly and easily. One false eyelash per eye should do the trick.

Eyelash Extensions: One Pricey Option

Eyelash extensions are a new and popular way for women to make their eyelashes appear even longer. While this is an expensive and pricey method to help your eyelashes appear longer, many women say that it is well worth it. A salon is the best place to get eyelash extensions. You can shop around at the various salons in your area to get the best price and the most professional staff. The whole process can take a few hours, but you only have to go through this process once a month or so. Some women are lucky enough to get by even longer between applications.

Natural At Home Methods Of Helping Your Eyelashes Grow Longer

For those who prefer more natural methods of having fuller and longer eyelashes, there are options available for you too. Some of these methods are involve at home products that you might have in your storage room like olive oil and caster oil. Mix these two oils together for a concoction that can naturally help your eyelashes grow longer. Apply to your eyelashes before you go to bed each night and wear as you sleep. Be careful not to get any of this mixture in your eyes. Flush with water right away if contact with the eyes should occur.

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