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Introduction to Eyelash Perming

Eyelash perming is a procedure for people who no longer want to spend time curling their lashes every single day. This is a more permanent method of curling, in that it lasts for a much longer time.

The Procedure

Usually eyelash perming is done in a licensed salon. It would be rather unsafe to try this at home and is not recommended-though some people probably do. In any case, below is a short explanation of the procedure.

  • First, a rod of the correct size is selected so as to match the lash length.
  • With the customer's eyelid closed, the rod is gently positioned above the lashes.
  • Then special cement is applied to hold the lashes in place on the rod.
  • A similar rod of the appropriate size is often used one the lower eyelashes.
  • The permanent makeup specialist then applies a permanent wave solution (or series of solutions) onto the lashes.


Eyelash perming has its advantages. For instance, afterwards no more lash curling is needed prior to mascara application.

Furthermore, it opens up the eyes to give your face more definition and a totally natural look to complement your smile. The products used for this procedure are safe and reliable and do not harm the lashes or eyes.

These procedures are available for special occasions. Eyelash perming is available to give that extra bit of glamour-just an extra treat to your self perhaps. It can make you look and feel like a celebrity.


Making a regular practice of this can be time consuming, though you still would not have to curl your lashes every single day. It can also be expensive.

Precautions and Tips

If you have sensitive eyes, this could be a problem. I suggest if you are thinking of having an eyelash treatment but have never actually had one you should consult with a professional beforehand.

This will make you aware of the products and techniques they would use before you actually go through with it. It is important for your own safety, especially to know that they know what they are doing when trying to curl your lashes.

For instance, here is one example of what can make an eyelash perming a complete disaster. One would be using a too small curler, and the other would be leaving the solution on for too long.

Using poor quality products is also something that could make your experience at the salon less than delightful. This is one reason that many customers opt for the allergy testing before the “real deal” when possible.

In fact, persons seeking eyelash perming treatments are often required to receive a sensitivity test 48 hours prior to treatment. You should take advantage of this if you can, as it is the best way to learn how this process would affect you.

Expected Results

You can expect the permanent curl of an eye perming procedure to last as long as the life of the lash. It may need to be repeated only every month or two as the eyelashes grows out. Sometimes the results of this procedure may even last longer than that.

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