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Eyelash Growth Rate

Eyelashes are very noticeable features on the face. This may not be so if they are few. This could be due to the fact that they are still growing. You should not worry because they will grow back. Unlike hair or nails, eyelashes grow at a much slower rate. It takes your eyelashes several months to grow back. So you should try to avoid going to the mirror each morning to see how far they are. How fast they grow will depend on what caused them to fall in the first place.

A poor diet and lifestyle will grow your lashes slowly. If you are aging or experiencing menopause, your lashes will also take time. Or maybe you were just born with eyelashes that take time to grow. These will all affect how fast your eyelashes will grow back. Your eyelashes grow in three phases:

Anagen Growth Phase: also known as active growth phase, it is a stage where 30% of eyelashes grow. It will last up to seven weeks.

Catagen Growth Phase: also known as lag phase, it signifies the end of active growth. At this stage follicles will shrink. It will last up to three weeks.

Telogen Growth Phase: this is the last stage and when the lashes can rest. This is also when some lashes will fall off. Not all lashes will fall off at the same time because they are always in different stages of growth.

Diet plays an important role in how fast the eyelashes grow. A healthy diet will contain all the nutrients that are necessary for hair growth, this includes your eyelashes. Eating junk on the other hand will slow down the eyelash growth rate. This is because your body needs nutrients to grow lashes; an unhealthy diet has no nutrients.

Age is another factor that will affect the speed at which your eyelashes grow. The older you are the slower cell regeneration is. So when your eyelashes fall of, it will take longer if you are older and vice versa.

If you had a burn, two things will determine how fast your hair will grow back. For a minor burn, it will take your lashes a bit longer than usual to grow back. The advantage is that the hair follicles will heal and your lashes will grow back. Your lashes might not grow back however if you had a severe burn.

The lifestyle you lead will also affect your eyelash growth. If you are a smoker or take alcohol your eyelashes will take longer to grow. This is because alcohol and cigarettes rob the body of the much needed nutrients. You should try and take them in moderation. People who live healthy lifestyles have a shorter time growing back their lashes.

The longest period it should take your lashes to grow back is twelve weeks. Any more than this, they will not grow back. Since eyelashes fall off quickly, you should try to retain them longer. A good eyelash conditioner will increase your eyelash growth.

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