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Eyelash Glue

Eyelash glue is gentler than regular glue of course, but it does in itself come in different strengths. There is a trade off between strength and gentleness-advantages and disadvantages to both.

An Explanation

An easy to remove false eyelash glue is usually easy to rub off. Fake eyelashes attached using fake lashes glue for sensitive eyes are more likely to fall off. However, you have to do what you have to do.

If you have sensitive eyes or for whatever reason prefer the gentler version of eyelash glue you will need to bring the lash adhesive with you. This will allow for periodic touch ups of your fake extensions for application as needed throughout the day.

In case you are wondering what the best eyelash glue is, you should consider your needs when you buy false eyelash glue. Keep in mind that you can easily damage your lashes with false lash glue. This is why it is so careful that you find out.

If you do not have as sensitive of eyes you may be able to get away with using stronger glue. This would be more convenient for you as you would not have to repeatedly apply it.


Eyelash glue of course is to be used on fake eyelashes that are reusable and/or removable. With the right adhesive, the lashes can be used many times if they are applied and removed properly.

Here are some instructions for proper usage of fake eyelashes: Carefully remove the eyelashes from the case with tweezers and then compare the false lashes with your eye line length, and then trim.

Make sure when trimming that you cut them to the right length and width. Then, add the eyelash glue along the false lash root using a cotton ball, and then apply pressure to the fake lash at the root of your natural lashes.

Then, if you want you can make your eye line look more natural by applying eye shadow or eyeliner. However, if you use the right lashes and the right eyelash glue there should be no issue with it looking “fake”.


If a particular eyelash glue is causing you problems, you might have a latex or formaldehyde allergy. You may need to find one that has neither of these ingredients in it, and you may be the kind of person who needs a gentler alternative.

You also may note that lash adhesives are normally very easy to use and stay on very well. However, sometimes there are ones that a person prefers over another.

One person in particular really hates the duo tubes and all the tube glues. The main complaint is that they are messy and thus not very user friendly. Therefore, some individuals would prefer glue that is already added to a felt brush tip.

Some Recommendations

Perhaps instead of using eyelash glue you may instead rather use fake eyelashes that have adhesive on them already. However, in this case you would need to find semi-circular lash segments that would fit perfectly to your natural lashes. This can be tough to do, but not impossible.

Other people may rather instead of buying eyelash glue and fake store-bought lashes would rather see a professional. The right person who is properly licensed can provide you with quality extensions that would last weeks at a time. In this case they would not need to be removed every day.

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