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Eyelash Enhancer

An eyelash enhancer is usually applied to person with thinning eyelashes. This usually is a treatment that is sough as a person has aged and has noticed that their lashes are considerably less thick than beforehand.

The Process

Eyelash enhancement process is gradual, taking usually approximately two months with the right solution. The exact process of how an eyelash enhancer works is variable.

However, usually it would affect the growth of eyelash hair cycle in two applications. The purpose of this procedure is usually two-fold: Maximize the length of the eyelash and maximize the number of hairs inside the eyelash. This is done in a couple of steps.

The exact method of how an eyelash enhancer performs varies. Having said that, it is usually accomplished in two phases, which of course one of that which lengthens the eyelashes and the other is to increase the numbers of lash hairs as already told in the previous paragraph.

Some Advice

Individuals are advised to continue the use of an eyelash enhancer to maintain initial results. It is best if you apply the chosen solution nightly to your upper eyelids. This should be done right after your face has been cleaned and eye makeup and contacts have been removed.

If there is a supplied sterile applicator that comes with the eyelash enhancer, you would use it to apply a tiny quantity of solution. This product is placed across the skin from the upper eyelid at the base, from the inner towards the outer part of the eyelashes.

One dosage of this eyelash enhancer must be applied every single day. However, remember that doubling up the next day In case you forget to apply a dose the day before is not recommended.

Then, only 15 minutes after application, your contacts can be put in if you wear any. If you are concerned about eyelash enhancer safety and contact wearing perhaps you can ask your doctor.

However, you should know that generally using these enhancing products is safe as long as you do not apply your contacts right away. Always wait at least the full 15 minutes, or even longer.

The side effects of eyelash treatment are usually minor and can be treated easily. For instance, in users of latisse (bimatoprost) may experience relatively harmless, temporary itching and redness.

Usually these symptoms disappear as the body adjusts to the eyelash enhancer. Another reversible side effect of latisse that is common is pigmentation in the region around the eyes. In rarer cases this could wind up being a permanent complication so users should be very careful.

Similar side effects may be present in non-prescription eye enhancer solutions. However, it depends which one you use. You may want to talk to your doctor or other health care or eye care salon professional about safety of use pertaining to certain products.

If Discontinued

Depending upon which type of eyelash enhancer you use, when discontinued your lashes are likely to grow at the normal rate as beforehand. However, they may stay the length that they are in some cases as long as you do not trim them.

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