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Eyelash Dyeing Complications

For people who have very fair or clear eyelashes, mascara has to be applied constantly in order for the eyelashes to have any shape or colour. Though there is another option available for people in this situation - eyelash dyeing. There are quite a lot of mixed opinions regarding the safety of eyelash dyeing and what complications can arise from the procedure. Here we will have a look at what is involved in the dye process and what some of the potential complications may be.

The Process

Tip: Always get a patch test done 24-48 hours before having the procedure.

Eyelash dyeing can be done using vegetable extracts which should be relatively safe against the skin. Having your eyelashes permanently dyed is a great solution for people who suffer with allergies to mascara and have very sensitive skin. If you are unsure about how your skin will react to the dye an have never had the process done before, the best thing to do is have a patch test done on your skin 24 hours before the procedure.

This will allow you to see if there are any irritations or reactions that are likely to occur. You should check the qualifications and registrations of your beautician carefully before making an appointment, this is help you to make sure that all the proper safety precautions are being taken and you are reducing the risks of any complications.

Potential Complications

Any hair dye contains high concentrations of chemicals which will cause irritation if they come into contact with the eyes. Seeing as the area of application is so close to the eyes there is much more risk of this occurring than with your normal hair. Many of the modern dyes contain less chemicals than previous versions and you can usually find rinsing your eye out immediately would work to eliminate any danger to the eye.

In some rare cases, the chemicals found in eyelash dye have been known to irritate the skin to the point where the eyelashes can actually fall out.

Sever cases of reactions can result in redness, swelling and trouble with vision. In these cases you should always go to your doctor soon as possible to begin treatment.

The final decision is yours as to whether the benefits outweigh the risk of this procedure. Every day, people are having their eyelashes dyed and are very happy with the results. As long as you are careful and do the prerequisite tests, you can find this to be a very useful and helpful procedure.

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