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Choosing the Right Eyelash Dye

An eyelash dye is often applied to match hair color. They are typically available at various salons, and you usually can choose between the following: permanent, semi-permanent, or temporary eyelash. Choosing the right color and type can be a challenge.

Brief Description

Eyelash dyes are much like the old-fashioned cake mascara. The procedure is the same for application. You just mix the dye with a fixer then apply it like mascara. The difference is when you wash it off it is still there versus if you use mascara on the eyes. It is usually used to make light-colored eyelashes more visible.


There are a variety of colors of the three main types of eyelash dye as mentioned above. The best way to choose the right dye would be to purchase an eyelash dye kit. You can also talk to a professional cosmetologist who specializes in this sort of thing.

Sometimes you can find an eyelash dye kit that also includes an eyebrow accessory pack. This usually consists of a dyeing dish, application wand, and developer liquid.

Useful Advice

You should know what you are seeking when you observe eyelash dye ingredients. Probably the best dyes to use would be the vegetable dyes. This type is relatively safer than other chemical dyes.

When applying you should follow exactly the instructions mentioned on the kit label, not excluding the patch test. If you follow the instructions and conduct the appropriate test you can avoid any allergic reactions later on as you attempt to obtain dreamy lashes.

Risks and Safety Issues

You may need to learn of eyelash dye risks and proper usage and safety measures, especially if you use any take home kit. You should also learn of safety tips if you have this procedure attempted in a salon.

Eyelash dyes are not illegal in the UK, or perhaps are permitted in other countries. However, in the United States this practice has been banned by the FDA since 1938.

Regardless, home dying kits are advertised online from numerous companies within the UK. They also promoted by other countries that permit eyelash dyes. Therefore, whether it is legal or not you should know that you use eyelash dye kits at your own risk.

Reasons for Use

Eyelash dyes are waterproof. Therefore, they make a great summer make-up. There are many different styles out on the market today that you can use to dye your eyelashes permanently.

Again, this is usually done to match your natural hair color. It also may be done to coordinate your eyelashes with a hair dye you have just applied.

If you are looking for periodic change, you may also choose to use semi-permanent colors that you can change every season. As you consider your decision, you should look into all the available options.

One of the easiest options is to seek out a salon that specializes in eyelash dye. Most salons use only the finest products. However, of course if it is illegal in your geographical location finding a salon to perform this procedure would be very difficult.

It may even be difficult to purchase at-home eyelash dying kits in your part of the world. Some people resort to hair dye usage on the eyelashes, which probably is very dangerous.

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