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Eyelash Curler Purchase and Usage Tips

An eyelash curler is typically made of hard sturdy plastic material such as acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or of non-conducting metals such as aluminum. They are designed specifically to curl lashes without ripping them out while providing a more luscious lash appearance.


If you are looking for the best eyelash curler, it would probably be one that has a built in guard to avoid contact with the skin. Furthermore, recommended models are ones of which the terminals, coils, wire, conducting case, and heating element are usually made of the right conducting materials.

An eyelash curler that has copper alloys in its terminal is the best to use. It also would help if you can find one that is ready to use immediately. It is also highly recommended that you choose one that delivers the right amount of heat to the lashes to curl but not to damage.

You may have to read reviews and do some research to find the right solutions. However, once you find the right eyelash curler you can curl your lashes to your heart’s delight.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Eyelash curlers are a way to have more elegant-looking lashes. The best part about this is you can have the right look but no surgery required. Most of the time your lashes are curled without any damage resulting from doing so.

Using an eyelash curler also opens up the eyes and makes a person look more alert. It vertically opens up your eyes, and as a result your eyes look bigger. An eyelash curler can also make the eyes appear brighter and wider.

Most important, this tool can help you make your eyelashes curl upward like a professional. All around it helps you feel better about yourself. It can help you in your effort to present yourself as a more attractive person when you are out socially or even while you are not at work (without overdoing it of course).

Of course, it takes a bit more work than it would to care for fake eyelashes. However, sometimes people prefer to work with what they have. Besides, using an eyelash curler is cheaper than using other methods of enhancement for this part of the eye.

Usage and Make-up Tips

Heat your eyelash curler a bit with your hair dryer. Then press and hold it for 3-5 seconds when you curl your lashes. The fun part comes after you have finished the curling process.

The next step would be to apply a thin layer of mascara in a “z” motion. All you really need is a thin of mascara. Whatever color you choose make sure it matches your colored eye shadow and eyeliner as well as your facial makeup.

You may also want to experiment with a variety of colors of mascara as well. Some people like to find a color that is in close resemblance to the hair color they have on their head. It is not absolutely necessary, but it could provide for the most natural fake eyelash extension experience.

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