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Do Eyelashes Grow Back?

For folks who have short eyelashes or their eyelashes have fallen out, they often wonder if their eyelashes are even going to grow back in at all. Eyelashes can fall out for a number of different reasons including medical reasons. People who have lost their eyelashes also often wonder how long it might take to get their eyelashes back. There are ways to answer these questions.

Your Eyelashes Might Grow Back

For those who are specifically wondering if their eyelashes will grow back at all, the answer to your question is a happy one. Eyelashes can grow back. One of the things that you can do to boost eyelash growth is to make sure that you are getting plenty of protein. Make the changes needed in your diet to ensure that you are getting the proper amount. This can help you grow back your eyelashes. There are some conditions that are medical in which eyelashes might not grow back. This is something you will want to discuss with your doctor. Even if your eyelashes might not grow back, there are plenty of things that you can do to mask the problem.

Speeding The Process Up

Natural at home ingredients like a mixture of castor oil and olive oil can help stimulate eyelash growth. Rubbing this mixture on your eyelids every night before you go to sleep can do wonders for your eyelashes. There are products on the cosmetic market that are specifically designed to help people in your situation stimulate hair growth. These products tend to be a bit pricey, but they usually do provide fast results. If you are losing your eyelashes because of a problem with your skin, seeing a doctor before using any of these products might be a smart move for safety.

Do Not Stress Yourself Out For Nothing
A lot of folks put themselves through unneeded worry and stress about whether or not their eyelashes will grow back in. There is no reason to put yourself through an ordeal. Most of the time eyelashes will grow back. You can stimulate growth to make the process speed up. The time it takes for eyelashes to grow back can greatly vary. Some people might see results in as little as two months or less. Other people might have to wait up to four or six months to see their eyelashes grow back. If you lost your eyelashes because of a medical issue, you might have to wait even longer for your eyelashes to grow back. Even products that are used to stimulate and promote the growth of eyelashes can take as long as six weeks to see results.

You can rest easy knowing that in most cases eyelashes will grow back without any help from you. For those who are impatient, be careful with the products that you apply to your eyelashes. Follow the directions carefully. You do not want to cause any further damage to your eye by being careless with hair growth treatment near your eye.

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