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Do All Eyelash Growth Products Contain Drugs To Make Them Work?

Technology seems to be changing; everyday there is a new advancement. This is also the case with eyelash enhancement treatments. On a daily basis, you will hear of a new product. They are so many: eyelash serums, stimulator, conditioner or any other product that can give you more eyelashes. But what are their safety features? Do they contain drugs? What are their side effects? Is there something organic and safe?

To be able to determine all the answers, you should try to educate yourself. You cannot take the word of an advertisement alone.

An eyelash conditioner is generally a product that will give you thicker, longer and fuller lashes. It is carried in a tube and can be applied on your eyelashes.

Some eyelashes contain ‘drugs’ for them to be able to work better. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have approved an eyelash called Latisse an eyelash enhancement treatment produced by Allergan, Inc the makers of Botox. Latisse works by using Bimatoprost.

Bimatoprost is a prostaglandin analog that can control glaucoma progression while also lengthening eyelashes.

Advantages of Bimatoprost

  • It will increase the length and volume of eyelashes
  • It may color your eyelashes black permanently
  • It is highly recommended if you have sparse eyelashes


  • It contains drugs
  • May cause irritation
  • May color the skin brown
  • Permanent discoloration of the iris to brown
  • It cannot be bought over the counter
  • It costs more than $100

There are other companies who had been FDA approved using Bimatoprost. They have been asked to repackage their products and change their formulation to indicate otherwise. Prostaglandins are not safe for use. This is because they had not fully disclosed what they were using.

Many eyelash enhancement products use prostaglandins, including Revitalash and Lilash. Best advice is to first know everything about a product before using it.
You can easily find products that are safe and do not contain any harmful drugs. Marini Lash and Idol lash are some of them. They make use of peptides and plant extracts.
Even though Marini Lash is made by a company that had one of their products pulled out of the market by FDA. It is a good product.

Derma quest Inc is the makers of Dermalash. They make quality beauty products, this being one of them. You can also get Dermalash color; these are colored eyelash enhancement products. Also from them you can find Dermalash mascara.

If you do not mind any potential side effects you should try Revitalash but if you care about using drug free products, you should go for Idol Lash.

Aesthetic Artistry, LLC founder Terri Anne Meyer specializes in assisting those with acne problems. She has twelve years in makeup artistry. She also has advanced training in air brush make up artistry, make up for colored women, color analysis and corrective make up. She is also co- founder of Purlieu2 LLC. You can find Purlieu in spas and salons.

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