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DIY Tint Your Own Eyelashes

Tinting your eyelashes means altering the color of your eyelashes to one that suits you more or to one that you love better. Many are known to do the practice to match the color of their hair or to offer them a permanent color rather than use the mascara for the dark color they want every time. DIY means the use of products in the market to perform the tint individually to your eyes to get a desired look.

What you need

Tip: This process can cause serious injuries if not done professionally

You need to look for a suitable color in the market for your new eyelash look. The do it yourself kit is readily available in the market for those who prefer not to go to beauty salons or spas for the procedure. You need to keep in mind that the look lasts for about four to six weeks after which the eyelashes will have grown out and the need for a reapplication comes again

Preparation procedure

  • Clean the eye to remove any traces of makeup, oils, or dirt that may be around the eye area. In you use contacts, then you have to take them off before the procedure.
  • Apply petroleum jelly on your skin around the lashes before the tinting application. This means on your upper eyelid and below the lower eyelid too. This is because you do not need the dye to color your skin area too as it does the lashes.
  • Prepare the dye following the instructions given on the kit. This involves the right measure of the cream and the developer liquid to make the dye ready for application.


  • Apply the mixture on the mixture on your eyelashes using the wand available in the kit. Ensure that your lashes are well coated with the dye to give them the new color that is needed. Time the dying period using the duration specified in the kit to let it dye the lashes.
  • Using a damp cotton cloth, remove the dye from the eyes. This has to be done with the eyes closed as you wipe off the dye from the eye area. Caution should be applied when doing this to avoid the dye getting into the eyes

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