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The Unsightly Eyelashes Bumps

Notice something strange in your eye area? Did you discover a bump on your eyelash follicles lately? Bumps or this unsightly and unwelcome growth in the base of the eyelash follicles are called comedones. Comedones are bumps or white heads that are present on the base of your eyelash or eyelids. Comedones are typically caused by over production of oily sebum which forms a bump or an irritation either caused by bacteria or germs or debris. These bumps are truly an ugly sight and can cause further irritation if left unnoticed. But sure there are preventions and treatment for this so there is no need to worry.

Get to Know the Two Types of Comedones

Open Type is also known as blackheads. They appear when oil sebum finds its way out of the pore and oxidization takes place which turn it darker. A blackhead comedones are trapped sebaceous oil will create an unsightly dark blemish and this will block an open eyelash follicle.

Closed Type is the most common type of comedone. It appears as a light colored and white bump along the eyelid. It hardens as a result of an infection of that particular follicle. Since whiteheads are deep pimples that can soon develop into cyst. This type can form an obstruction to the pore which makes it more prone to infection.

TIP: do not attempt to remove the comedone by yourself consult a dermatologist to prevent further infection

Comedones are typically not painful and is preventable can easily be treated. But on the downside they are unsightly and can sometimes cause further irritation that can later result to infection. Plus comedones can give discomfort as it will cause some minor irritations and slightly affect one’s vision

Prevention Is the Key

There are ways and means in preventing the onset of comedones

  • wash your face regularly twice a day to get rid of the grease and grim as well keeping bacteria out with the use of a nondrying soap
  • avoid using other people’s personal stuff like eye makeup to avoid contaminatio
  • you need to discard your mascara every two months to avoid bacteria build up
  • avoid using your fingers in place of makeup eye applicator
  • avoid rubbing or scratching your eyes
  • never go to bed with your makeup on, remove it completely to have a clean face

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