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Causes and Remedies For Eyelash Loss

Loss of eyelashes can dramatically change how a person looks. When women experience thinning or loss of eyelashes, this can lead them to be more self conscious or self aware. They tend to imagine that everyone is staring at them. Eyelashes are a defining feature for everyone, and so, suddenly losing them can negatively affect your spirits. Such kind of loss could be brought on by aging, drugs’ side effects, cancer, and even extensive use of cosmetic products.

To understand this, we need to look at each problem individually:

  • Extensive use of cosmetic products: Most people are allergic to mascara; or maybe it is one of the ingredients that it is made of. Extensive use of this without knowledge will lead to eyelash loss. If you establish that you are allergic,you should change to a hypo allergic kind of mascara and you will have no problem.
  • Waterproof mascara: Though skillfully manufactured, in a way that prevents it from running or getting wiped off once applied, waterproof mascara is not good for the long term effect of your lashes. It is waterproof; so removing it will be hard. You will need to constantly rub around the eye area to get it all out. The answer is to change to something more easy to remove.
  • Too much mascara: Going to bed with a thick coat of mascara will suffocate your lashes, literally, and cause them to fall off. Try something lighter and don’t go to sleep with it on.
  • Hypothyroidism: When you have reduced function of your thyroid glands, hair growth will deteriorate and this includes your eyelashes. Do not worry however, once your condition is remedied, all your hair will grow back.
    Aging: As a woman’s clock ticks, so does every part of her body; it seems. Even the lashes can be lost with the advancement in age. Change in hormone levels past your menopause years will cause your eyelashes to fall. You can try out HRT, a therapy that will slow down this process.
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder: Trichotillomania is an obsessive compulsive behavior where someone has a craving-like urge to pull hair, eyebrows and eyelashes without stopping. These parts of the body will be traumatized and as such result in hair loss. This situation can be remedied by habit reversal and appropriate medication. This has been known to work.
  • Medication side effects: Some medications like acitretin can produce hair loss side effects in women. This kind of medication is usually used in the treatment of a skin condition. It would be best to wait for the skin disease to heal and then you will get your luscious lashes back.

There have been medical advances to try and remedy these situations without waiting for them to sprout. Such an intervention is called Talika Lipocils; a conditioning gel that works by strengthening and growing the eyelashes that are still there. It will however not heal any of the underlying medical conditions that caused hair loss in the first place. So if you are just after better lashes, this is the product for you. But you should still see a professional for the main problem.

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