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Canmake Brow & Eyelash Treatment

Canmake is a Japan-based cosmetics company and Canmake Brow & Eyelash Treatment is produced by this company which will condition your eyebrows and eyelashes. It helps in strengthening the weak lashes by repairing, hydrating and protecting from harmful substances.

The Advantages of Canmake Brow & Eyelash Treatment

This treatment comes is a tube which is quite alike a mascara and is applied the same way as the mascara is applied. The exact way is to apply it before going to sleep so that it work overnight and helps your lashes to grow properly and remain conditioned.

Apply it as a base coat

You can also apply this Canmake Brow & Eyelash Treatment as a base coat before applying mascara and this will work as an excellent base. It will keep your lashes hydrated and you will also be saved from applying so many coats of mascara.

No eyelash curler needed

With this Canmake Brow & Eyelash Treatment, you will no longer be required to make use of eyelash curler as this will work as an excellent eyelash curler. This is also known as curl-styling base and this is the reason it is also applied as a base before applying mascara.

Transparent in Color

Since Canmake Brow & Eyelash Treatment is in neutral color so even if you are using colored mascara, it will not interfere with that.


It is waterproof, so you don’t have to worry of smudging your mascara or your makeup even if you come in contact with water.

Easy Application

Just like you apply mascara, you apply this product. Follow these steps to apply Canmake Brow & Eyelash Treatment perfectly:

  1. Remove the brush from the tube and apply the liquid your eyelashes and your eyebrows.
  2. Begin from the root of the lashes or the eyebrows and move upwards in lashes and outwards in brows.
  3. If you are applying it on your lashes, do not forget your lower lashes.
  4. Wait for the product to dry and getting absorbed the hairs completely before you apply the mascara.

So with so many advantages of Canmake Brow & Eyelash Treatment and an easy application, this product is a must have in order to have healthy conditioned eyelashes and eyebrows so that you look gorgeous all the time.

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