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Are You Worried About Your Eyelashes Falling Out?

This is in fact a wholly normal and natural thing that occurs. There is a natural duration for Eyelashes, just like all other hair you have on your body and usually start falling out after probably three months. Therefore, you don’t need to care about your falling out eyelashes.

For you to make your eyelashes last longer, there are some things you must limit or avoid. Do not put on extremely heavy mascara as the extra weight puts a lot of stress on the more fragile and devoted lashes. Do not massage your eyes too tough because this action can have an instant consequence of numerous eyelashes falling out. Equally, be cautious in your application of eyelash curler. You are not doing it very well if it pains and it can be responsible for curbing of the life extent of your eyelashes if not immediately pulled down.

Assuming you are of the opinion that you are shedding too much, unnatural quantity of eyelashes, seek your doctor’s advice. There are so many medical situations that can lead to loss of excessive eyelash. Madarosis is the medical term for eyelashes that are falling out. Dysfunctional thyroid – is a medical condition that increases eyelash loss.

Things You Can Do To Circumvent Eyelash Loss

It is of great importance to shun eyelash loss. For this reason, highlighted below are some things you can do:

  1. You need to eat healthy diet to shun eyelashes. Unhealthy diets will make your eyelashes scrawny just like other parts of your body.
  2. Do not use those products that are having tough chemicals as they can be dangerous to your body because of their adverse effects.
  3. Avoid wearing mascara that are weighty.
  4. Always buy the product that pay special attention to the re-growth of eyelash.
  5. Take extra precaution whenever eye curler is being used.
  6. Avoid rubbing your eyes always.
  7. Apply Vitamin E oil to dampen your eyelashes for at least once in a day using a tidy lash brush.

Finally, you don’t need to give yourself unnecessary headache because of your eyelashes fallen out. This is a normal thing and there are many alternatives you can employ to slow down the loss.

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